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About this site and maybe I should switch to English?

This started like some kind of a diary, the place online where I keep track of my swimming and general weight losing efforts.

It then evolved into a bit more than a simple diary, I constantly try to improve myself and one way that helps me grow is to write down everything that seems important so that later on I will look back at it to see which progress I have made and it usually gives me ways to improve what I do.

Having a place where to do this enables me to add photos that I take and other things, I have fun writing these pages and sometimes I link to videos ect. It also helps with silly stuff yet important enough for a swimmer, I now find myself saying: "last January there have been only 4 sunny days, this year we already got 7 sunny days and one not so sunny so this is a better January already".

So the more I write, the more I know just where to be precise about certain things, and also write them in a way that I will find the data, if needed. It isn't only about weather data but feelings and emotions and the way that my brain works.
For instance everyone knows that to really lose weight one must be constant, it just has to be part of your daily routine and so the "keeping it up" becomes as important as the "what you do", if not more important.

For instance, some day you might not want to go through the routine, that's fine, you are human.. maybe do something else instead, or as I have found, maybe just go through the motions like on automatic pilot and by the time you know what it is happening, you come out the other end having done your daily bit and having even enjoyed it!

The failings and messing up on all the good propositions and resolutions are only bad if they cause you to stop the routine, but if they are sporadic occurrences they might even be helping you along your merry way to health. Losing a battle might mean you save energy for the more important battle which in turn will make you feel a bit more relaxed about the whole thing, after all it's life that we are living, and not a huge training session!

I once read the book: "Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance" or something with that name and these pages are moving towards that direction. I started off doing it for myself and will continue to do it for myself, this way I won't really care if I am the only one reading this, however with it being online other people will inevitably find their way to my pages and it occurred to me that maybe I should write in English, everything being the same, English is a more universal language and so maybe more people will benefit from this "work"? I am not sure and with this page I am asking for some feedback.

Having said this, I mostly seem to be writing about winter swimming and on the web there's almost nothing in Italian about winter swimming.. so if I stick to Italian I will fill a gap, yet the reason for the lack of info might be no request for the info.. whatever, as I pose these questions to my mind I start switching off, I mean if I have to have similar problems I don't want to write at all and that is it, the main point is that I do it for myself and THEN if others want to read, they are welcomed, but if  I am to carry on with this, it has to be because I do it for me...

I mean, as soon as I start thinking that I should write a certain way because there's other people reading, I feel like giving it up. There's even one site I started where I was writing to help people lose weight and then their feedback was that they wanted to know which pills to take and they didn't care about reading no words.. (!?!?)
even worse, I have learned how to give up smoking, and for years I thought that if only could get the key to give up smoking I could save so many lives.. I then having finally cracked it and mastered it totally, I have started writing on it and I didn't get the one single hit from nobody?
That was it for me writing about spending my time explaining how to give up smoking, I don't need to write it for myself and if people don't want to give up they can smoke all they want for what I care, I certainly am not going to waste any more time on it, not now anyway..
so I switched off immediately. If there is one thing I absolutely hate is to start off something and then not finish it, but I will stop if I see that it is like giving pearls to the pigs.

However from the stats I see that there are a few visitors coming already and they are from outside Italy so maybe I should switch on to English and forget the Italian language??

After all I have written a fair amount of stuff in Italian already, so there's enough material to read in that language and also it is easier for Italians to understand English than it is for others to understand Italian..

There you go, this page started off as some sort of request for feedback and as I am waffling along, I came to the conclusion that maybe I should go for a few pages of English and see how it all develops.. however if you do want to leave some feedback, I have linked this to a face book page where I started this effort, give us a "like" and leave your feedback.

I don't mind adding any links to similar resources to this one, it doesn't have to be swimming only either so if there's anything you'd like to share, use the comment forms here or even better leave some text on the facebook page, just come up with a little description and a link and I'll place it on the dedicated page.
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