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1: 7 Ways To Get Out of Debt And Still Stay Popular With Your Friends
With credit card debt levels soaring we ask the question is sensible shopping more to do with saving face than we thought possible.

2: The Truth About Online Credit Reports
Hundreds of companies entice you with "free credit reports" online, but only ONE source is authorized by the Federal Trade Commission to do so. The others are just trying to sell you additional services.

3: The Plan You Make to Pay for Your Dreams
It doesn't matter if you make 6 figures and own your own home, invest in the stock market and drive a BMW or if you are barely making it on $30 grand a year and have your kids on medicaid. You need a budget to help you pay for your dreams.

4: No Nonsense Money Saving Tips
There are many ways to make saving money easy and doable. You don't need a lifestyle change to succeed in saving money. Listed in this article are helpful tips to make it easier for you to start saving money.

5: Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Money Gone?
Too much month left over at the end of your money? Find out how you can plug the budgeting leak in your home, and find money you didn't know existed.

6: Personal Finance Manager- Tool That Manages Your Finances
Personal finance manager is the most reliable and easy to use software that helps you to control your finances in the best way. This amazing money management software provides the most trustworthy suite of financial calculators and tools through which you can acquire the maximum benefits from your personal finances.

7: College And Money - A Students Downfall!
College life is totally different from the days that you spend with your parents going to the nearby school. It is the first step towards more freedom and more responsibility at the same time.

8: Practical Credit Card Debt Solutions
A few companies offer debt elimination programs but you need not jump right into it. You need to consider whether you will end up paying more than you could afford.

9: Holidaying Hits Brits in Pocket
Many holidaying Britons feel under pressure to up their spending on souvenirs, presents and cheap 'tat' they later wish they had not purchased, a new report has warned.

10: Business and Personal Top Stub and Side Tear Checks Summary
There is an infinite variety of check styles, sizes and formats available to fit anyone's individual's needs and style. There are side tear checks, top tear checks, business sized checks, self-duplicating checks plus there are many different bank check cover styles, sizes and colors.

11: Getting the Most from your Financial Planning
Most people are fearful that they might only get burned with their financial planning. The best thing to start with financial planning is to come prepared and research as much as possible. By determining what you need at the very beginning, you will have a direction to follow and lead your financial planner rather than him leading you.

12: Vital Information with your Financial Advisor
Looking for a financial advisor? These different qualities should be searched for in your prospect financial advisor. These qualities, if given a good effort to look for, will not only avoid you a lot of stress in the future but can also be a precious move you will treasure.

13: How to Handle Declaring Bankruptcy
Information for dealing with bankruptcy questions.

14: Consumers 'Have Financial Concerns'
A significant number of Britons are worried about the country's economic prospects, new research shows.

15: True Confessions of an Identity Thief
Ever wonder what law enforcement officials do to protect their identity? Wonder no more because you'll discover exactly what the criminals tell police about their identity theft scams.

16: DIY Wills - Things To Consider Before Writing Your Own Will
There are many aspects to consider if you are thinking about writing your own last will and testament. If you don't have a will and are thinking about creating one, this guide should help you in making the decision to do it yourself or to enlist professional help. Don't let your goal of saving money be the deciding factor! That could be a penny wise and pound foolish decision.

17: Tips For Women Lending Money To Family Or Friends For Investments
The difficult situation in lending money is finding out who you should and shouldn't lend your money to.

18: The Right Way to Buy Cars and Trucks from Government Auctions
Do Government Auctions really sell cheap used cars and trucks? Yes they do, every day. Actually, it's fairly easy to find decent, inexpensive used vehicles; often for just a few hundred dollars. Thousands of cars and trucks are sold like this every day.

19: Making Time For Wealth In The New Year
Financial success, like all things in life, depends on taking the time to devote to projects, and managing it well. Wealth creation is not something that happens on its own, it is something that happens when a pointed effort is made to see the project through.

20: Maximizing Your Grocery Coupons Results In These Big Savings
How to effectively use grocery coupons for maximum savings. Using these tactics can save a verified 66% on your grocery bill.

21: Anyone Can Live Life on Pennies a Day by Mastering the Art of Frugality
Follow these tips and become more frugal. Learn some ways to make the most out of your money by reducing what you

22: Dental Insurance: What You Should Pay Attention To
Having to go to the dentist has to be one of the most dreaded things for most people. The simple truth is that if it were only for the physical pain, it would probably be ok. Unfortunately, it also carries a hefty bill, so that's even more of a deterrent. Fortunately, since dental insurance is a competitive industry, there are plenty of websites where you can get quotes on your desired coverage. Procrastinating on this is usually a very bad (and painful idea), as the more you wait, the more painful and expensive things get.

23: Get Out of Debt Fast Today!
Decide now to get rid of your credit card debt. Why now? This is because prolonging it only will cost you more money in the long term. Count all the money you spare each month for your credit card payments. Just think about what you could probably spend with this money if you were not paying the bills with the credit card company.

24: Laws about auto insurance
When deciding about insurance, some questions come to mind. How much coverage do I need? What's the minimum requirement amount? Do I need liability? What about other states? These are all common questions that can be answered in a simple fashion.

25: Expanding Personal Bank Checks Options
Thousands of years ago, Romans were first thought to have used bank checks a safe means for transfer of ownership. Merchants needed a safer way to transfer goods from one location to another and enjoy a safe passage home.