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Banking Articles

1: Factors To Consider When Choosing A Business Account
A look at what considerations must be made when considering bank accounts and services.

2: Bear Stearns from 20 Billion to 236 Million and Beyond
This article talks about the recent history of Bear Stearns and its recent buyout.

3: Order Personal Checks Direct To Eliminate The Middleman
Although personal checks can be purchased online inexpensively, that was not always the case. Throughout time, the need to transfer wealth safely evolved to what it is today. It had its start thousands of years ago.

4: Overview and Bank Account Requirement of ICICI Bank
ICICI Bank is one of India's best private banks. If you are interested in applying for a bank account in ICICI bank, you must prepare and arrange the requirements discussed above.

5: Are We Headed for a Globalized Recession?
The US recession depends as much on her neighbors as on internal checks like Congress and the Fed. If emerging economies stand to gain from the recession, should they bear some responsibility for righting the credit crunch? This article explains some of the problems globalization poses in a financial crisis.

6: How to Apply for a Savings Account in Bank of India
Bank of India has many branches all over India so it will not be a trouble on which branch to choose from. It would be more appropriate to inquire a savings account to the branch near your place or work place. In this habit, you will be able to correct any problem that may arise in the future concerning your savings account.

7: Some Information on Free Offshore Banking
Offshore banking is all about moving money or assets to a foreign land where it is operated upon by banks who work in jurisdictions which are outside your homeland. The term came to be known as offshore after the British Channel Islands which was located just off the shore from the main land. These islands provided the perfect environment for investing since they were free of any tax liabilities, which attracted more number of investors. Banking institutions did not let this opportunity to go past and they started to operate from these islands making the most of the investment scenario.

8: How to Teach Kids to Save Money
You know saving is not an easy task to do even grown-up persons find it hard to do so. However, if your child learned to save at an early stage it will be part of their life as they become older. The bible teaches us to save so that when hard times arrive we have funds that we can use. It is really fundamental but numerous people disregard about it.

9: Standard Banking Vs On-line Banking
As a main advantage of world wide web banking, the customer can accomplish multiple tasks within the comfort of his residence. Efficiency is what makes on line banking attractive to clients: they can pay bills, move funds between distinct accounts, check multiple accounts, and significantly extra. Banking is fast and saves buyers valuable time.

10: Popular Banks In The Philippines Among OFW
Picking a bank for remittance uses relies on your needs. Almost all banks offer same services but you should choose those which are customer-oriented and answers to client's problems quickly.

11: BMO - One Of The Big Five Canadian Banks
Bank of Montreal is based in the country of Canada in Toronto. It began operations in the city of Montreal. It was founded nearly two hundred years ago. It is therefore the oldest financial institution in Canada. Its deposits make it the fourth largest bank in Canada.

12: Advantages of Using Non Traditional Business Loans
The article talks about the non traditional loans and how are they better than the conventional loans. It also gives an example of the use of unsecured loans by the British company BGI which is intending to buy off Black Rock.

13: How To Apply for a Savings Account At China Bank
China Bank is a good choice in applying a new savings account since it has diverse services and products available for its clients. In opening a new savings account, keep in mind to prepare all requirements and be familiar with the details before visitng to the bank.

14: Choosing A Business Account, Large Or Small Bank?
A look at the preference of many businesses to choose larger banks over smaller competitors for their accounting needs.

15: The benefits of having Offshore bank Accounts
I don't know what you think of when I say offshore bank account, but what used to come to my mind was dodgy business deals, and money laundering. Of course this is a view I got from watching too many movies. Since opening my own off shore bank account I have found there are many advantages and benefits to keep your hard earned money overseas.

16: How to Open a SBI Bank Savings Account
Owning a bank account is the best way to save cash. If you are thinking to apply for a bank account in India, I recommend you consider SBI bank because it is a reputable bank not only in India but in other countries as well.

17: Bank Charges Are Daylight Robbery
A look at the uselessness of a hire car in the event of a bank robbery.

18: Image Check Deposits - Deposit Checks From Home
For a lot of people the idea of "never stepping foot in a bank again" would be a dream come true. Now it seems the banks are ready to cooperate with their latest innovation called, digital image check deposit. Digital image deposit allows business and consumer banking clients to deposit check from their home or office by simply scanning in an image of the check. Say good-bye to bank lines or even a trip to the ATM, your home is now your bank's latest branch office!

19: Forget Getting Rich: How to Make (a little) Money
So much for making a lot of money online. It doesn't work. Almost all of the methods for earning an income are scams. It's sad, but it's true. The best ways to make money won't leave you with a fortune. If you're lucky, you'll have enough to buy a bottle of Pepsi.

20: Save Big Bank Fees and use an Eftpos Broker
You have probably approached your bank and asked for a rate reviewthis is usually the first step. The answer will most likely be no. However, if your bank concedes that you are on a very high rate and offers to lower the merchant service fee (msf) percentage you will most likely get locked into a contract with unforgiving break fees.

21: Guide on Opening a RCBC Savings Account
RCBC is a good alternative when selecting which bank to apply for a new bank account because it has many branches across the Philippines. It is also the choice of most Filipinos working abroad for transmitting their remittances into the country. If you are considering to open a savings account at RCBC, you should ready all requirements and the first deposit of your account.

22: Benefits of Bank Account
Savings account is a really beneficial financial instrument to help us to save money in secure and normal means. With savings account, you can earn interest of your chief money, access your account online with Internet banking and a lot more.

23: Mobile EFTPOS Transactions
Mobile EFTPOS allows many benefits and lets a business receive payment when a customer doesnt have cash on hand but has a debit or credit card. However, for businesses on the move, an EFTPOS solution sitting on a counter back at the office isnt much good.

24: Take Credit? Accepting Credit Cards Is A Must
There are many hurdles small business owners must clear when running a small company. Besides dealing with major competitors, being bought out, going bankrupt, and making a profit they somehow must also deal with banks. Many small business owners avoid involving any banks in their transactions. But they are missing out on the various advantages of credit card processing and having a merchant account set up for their small business.

25: Guide On Opening A PNB Philippines Bank Account
PNB Philippines is one of the excellent options for applying a new bank account in the Philippines. Make sure you bring all the requirements before going to the bank to have quick application.