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Debt Collection Articles

1: How Do I Collect My Judgment?
The small claims court cannot collect your money for you, but the clerk or small claims adviser can tell you about some ways to do this yourself. Some just hire a collection company.

2: hiring outside collection agencies
When you find yourself in a situation that may lead to larger complications down the line, you try to find the fastest and most headache-free solution to the problem.

3: three ways to collect on an outstanding debt.
No matter what you do to try and weed out potential deadbeat customers, sooner or later one or more accounts will become past due.

4: Past Due Debts In Your Business? Here's How The Debt Collection Statute of Limitations Can Limit Your Ability To Collect Your Debt.
The debt collection statute of limitations refers to the length of time collection agencies can continue to legally pursue past due debts. This effectively means that unpaid debts do have an expiration date, after which time debt collection agencies are no longer able to pursue for payment.

5: Debt Collection Agency for most excellent debt collections
Collection agencies are hired for debt collections. Debt collection agency provides services for bad debt recovery which include debt collectors and credit consultants. Collection agencies work on your bad debt recovery with minimum hassle to you.

6: Cali Collection Company Attempts To Get Fit And Healthy
A debt collection agency based in California implemented a plan to educate and motivate employees to live healthier lifestyles in early January. There are twenty eight employees at the agency; more than half are currently participating in the initiative.

7: American Collection Company Put On Hold In Legal Battle
Litigation against local forestry contractors in Arrow Lakes that was filed by an American collection company has for the time being been put on hold by a Delaware judge. On January 20 a hearing was held in a U.S. court with PricewaterhouseCooper legal counsel attending via telephone conference.

8: Average Americans Struggle To Pay Bills While Rich Billionaires Remain Optimistic
According to the most current research by company TNS, people in debt still feel quite negatively about the state of the United States economy. According to the study, their concerns about the economy haven't changed at all since September. An overwhelming majority, sixty four percent of consumers who were surveyed held a position that things had taken a turn for the worst at that time. On the other side of the fence, unlike Americans struggling to survive in debt, business executives surveyed that pull in between three million to two billion dollars have a much more positive outlook on the situation.

9: Extensive Survey Illustrates That Working As A Debt Collectors Isn't So Bad
In 2009, collection agencies all around the country participated in an intensive survey that aimed to pinpoint the best places to work in the collections industry and why. With the results, the collections industry was capable of identifying some of the most important aspects of the job that makes a particular business an employer of choice.

10: Enhance Your Company With The Help Of National Association Of Credit Management
Owners of financial and credit-related businesses are very rich. They often have a very thick investment portfolio and manage numerous assets. However, they are also much stressed persons because of the nature of their businesses. Although finance and credit businesses are very profitable, running this type of business has equally high risks. Credit and finance businesses are known to topple because of mismanagement, scams, and fraud. Admittedly, a finance and credit business is only for the person with an attentive mind and strong will for control. Aside from these, finance and credit businesses also need the assistance of a provider that can help them eliminate the three risks of such a business.

11: Bank Accused Of Bad Business
Credit card issuer Capital One Bank and four other companies were sued by West Virginia Attorney General Darrell McGraw for deceptive and unfair practices and bad business conduct. The complaint was filed this week in West Virginia's Circuit Court and it alleges that Capital One fooled consumers into repayment plans by sending out solicitations disguised as new credit offers.

12: Debt Collection Basics Part Six: Advice For Debtors
In the first five articles on my seven article series on debt collection, I defined what a collection account was and why it benefited a creditor to send an account to collections. I described information agencies will collect and use and tactics, both illegal and legal that the collection agencies will use to collect debt. I mentioned that third party debt collection agencies are governed by federal and state law and overseen by the federal trade commission.

13: Debt Relief - Negotiating With A Collection Agency
Once an account gets sent to collection, the cost of administering it increases substantially. Most collection agencies try collect the full debt initially, but they quickly change their tune as time goes on. That's because the time and money involved in seeking full payment quickly adds up and makes it almost not worth their while because they can instead just write it off. If a creditor has all but given up on you, it might be time to try to negotiate a better deal.

14: Asset Acceptance - How To Get Them Off Your Back
Asset Acceptance is one of those collection agencies that purchases the debt that you failed to pay off at some point. It is one of the largest collection agencies in the U.S. To avoid a lawsuit, you need to negotiate with Asset Acceptance to settle your debt. Try to follow the suggestions listed below to avoid any unpleasant situations.

15: Using Debit May Be Deadlier Than It Looks
Everybody knows that times are tough, and almost everyone who has owned a credit card has run into some type of financial trouble utilizing it. It appears as if the temptation of being capable of buying now and paying later may be too much at times, especially in today's economic hardship, where more people are unable to simply buy now. There is no doubt that credit cards are capable of hurting your personal finances, but overusing your debit card might be what is putting you over the limit.

16: Why A Debt Collection Attorney Is Indispensable
In the world of debt collection, there are multitudes of legal complexities involved. Laws differ from state to state and it's the better debt collection agency that hires legal advocates to do their due diligence. Some debt collection agencies are formed by attorneys, and these ones tend to be more prepared for the arduous task before them.

17: Texas Toll Booths Shape Up And Ship Out
In Dallas, the North Texas Tollway Authority, an entity responsible for collecting tolls, has been scrutinized for months over its toll collecting policy. This policy charges drivers who do not pay up at the toll booth fines of hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars. Because the NTTA has been under fire in the public eye, it announced today two steps it says that will target improving customer satisfaction.

18: Wyoming City Is Trying To Collect
In the town of Cody, Wyoming, 219 utility accounts were sent to collection. Only four of the bills belonged to property owners. Some are thinking that the city believes that holding property owners are responsible for utility costs that their renters left unpaid. A policy like that could have added $180,000 to the city budget during the past five years, and furthermore, other utility users are subsidizing those that do not pay their bills.

19: A Collection Of Advice
Not long ago I began working with Rapid Recovery Solutions in hopes to collect some of the funds that were owed to me. Since then I have come to enjoy working with them because they are not like the other agencies I have worked with. Those other collection agencies were not concerned with creating trust with their clients and perform their collection services the way any other bill collector would.

20: Dolls for Every Occasion
Are you still playing with dolls? If you're like thousands of other people, you probably are-and enjoying every minute of it! Doll collections are one of the leading hobbies enjoyed by busy people around the world. Since many children, boys and girls alike, get dolls as children, it is natural for some folks to hold on to these prized possessions as they mature, and gradually add to their number in an effort to retain the delicious memories of childhood or create a valuable collection of dolls for posterity.

21: NCO Financial Systems
If you have not heard about NCO Financial, NCO Financial is one of the largest collection agencies who has earned a bad reputation for ruining our credit reports. Their ultimate aim is to collect money from us, the money we owe as debt. They harass us to get money from us by hook or crook in spite of our financial difficulties. To get us to pay them at all cost, that is what they are after from the consumers.

22: How-to-Guide On Ending Harassing Calls From Debt Collectors
So you are getting fed up with the constant harassing calls from one particular debt collection agency and the cease and desist letter you sent them did not stop them. Well then, you came to the right place. This article will teach you how to finally get the annoying monkey (debt collector) off your back. You can file a complaint with one of these organizations: Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or American Collectors Association (ACA).

23: Debt Collection, Not Tension Collection
Every business ends up having customers that either have not paid or paid less than they owed. Some businesses tend to lend out money and expect payment after a certain amount of time with interest. Regardless, not always will these businesses retrieve all the money that they legally deserve. People are defensive about paying money that they forgot to pay, and people tend to be very touchy about being approached by big companies for debt payment. Because of that, many companies either don't recover their money or they end up losing more money than the debt in an endeavor to recover debts.

24: Towns In Massachusetts Crack Down On Delinquents
A few communities south of Boston, Massachusetts are cracking down on property tax delinquents. In Bridgewater, MA, a wall of shame was compiled so that authorities can post local tax evaders with bills that predated 2006. Officials believe that they can shame and embarrass delinquents into collecting the $1.6 million that the town is owed.

25: Selecting The Best Debt Collection Agency
It's difficult to become successful in today's tough business world; but if you also have to deal with money being owed to you, it can cause an unnecessary strain to your business. So what can do in order to tackle it head on? While you can cope with it on your own, it's a time consuming and tedious process that can very easily lead to nowhere. That is where an efficient debt collection agency comes into play. By hiring an agency, they can work with those that are either slow in paying or are unable to pay you, leaving you to focus on the normal challenges of running a company.