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PLEASE NOTE: Due to a number of people asking us to remove their links, we removed the "About Author's " box from each page of the site.

Some people however did add links everywhere within the articles. It was against our TOS but these people did not care and some articles did get through.

Now that big G changed some of the rules, these same people want us to edit those pages manually, and want us to mail them "when it is done".

Please understand that:

1) We added the no follow metatag to many pages, this is the same as taking the links off.

2) It takes a lot of work to edit these pages manually. We have done some but it has become very time consuming, so now we ask $1 for each page that you require us to edit.

We don't really want your money but asking the one dollar does wonders to stop people mailing.

So, know that if you ask us to work for you, you'll get a tiny request from us, too. Fair is fair.

If you have any questions you can mail the below address.

Important: Constant unsolicited mail with URLS in the body of the email will trigger spam filters, so if you don't hear from us try sending us a mail 1) not containing urls in its body and 2) not coming from "Link Removal" or from