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Learning About Prehistoric Animals Through Fossil Eggs

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Welcome to the enchanting world of fossils. Fossils help you to discover and know more about the species of creatures existed much before the existence of humans. Generally, these are the remains of creatures that existed thousands or even millions of years ago. Many of them are found in different parts of the world range from thousands of years to millions of years in age.

On the records, the first ones date from around 600 million years ago. Moreover, there are also reports suggesting that the bacteria may have existed up to 3 billion years earlier. The most talked about are of dinosaurs that have become extinct over 65 million years ago. But all this doesn't mean that all former life was preserved as fossils.

In fact there are a large number of species that simply vanished without trace. The most likely materials to survive the hard times of fossilisation are the hard parts such as shells or bones and objects that were constructed from resistant materials, such as Coral. In most of the cases where the softer materials have survived, it is considered that the conditions must be extremely favourable.

Fossils have been discovered in a variety of sizes, for instance, from very small traces to large skeletons. These can be considered as clues to former life; they result from the activities or presence of creatures and plants. The topics of interest for many excavators or researchers are the fossilized eggs.

The fossilized eggs have come as answers to the many questions that were unanswered and were hunting the scientists. Forinstance, until very recently, scientists wondered if the reptiles that roamed freely in most of the terrains of the world,in the age of the dinosaurs laid eggs or gave birth to live young like mammals do.

With these evidences found of dinosaur eggs, this question has found an answer and has let us have a new insight in the lives of such pre-historic creatures. Presently, the dinosaur eggs are not particularly rare have been known to be found from over220 sites world-wide. Dinosaur eggs have been found in North America, France, Mongolia and China.

It is thought that some of the species of dinosaur, like some living reptiles, buried their eggs in the ground. This has been seen as a possibility for the eggs to become fossilized.

Many research projects have been going on aiming to unearth the remains or egg fossils. For sure, the egg fossils give us a chance to learn more about the lost species. For some, finding the fossil eggs has been a
passion and they have dedicated their lives for the task.

Researchers have been successful in understanding closely the life of the prehistoric species from the remains of their eggs.
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You are Here: » Culture-and-society » Learning About Prehistoric Animals Through Fossil Eggs