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Current Affairs Articles

1: Bernie Madoff's Horoscope - the Good and the Bad
Success adorned the horoscope of Bernie Madoff. Jupiter in Aquarius and in the 10th house speaks of a person that is socially successful, well informed and imbued with the capacity to enjoy a career of great social prominence. Also, he would be able to project confidence and decisiveness with Mercury in Aries.

2: Is Gun Control Legislation Based on a Fear of Guns?
Before we accept the arguments for gun control we should examine their motivation.

3: Challenges For The Travel Industry In The Upcoming Year
A look at the pursuit of growth in the travel industry despite poor economic circumstances globally.

4: Can The Bush Tax Cut Work?
Can the impending economic stimulus package that the Bush administration is creating have the power to keep the US from recession? This article discusses some of the factors of the economic crisis.

5: Daylight Savings Time Around the Globe
How many hours difference is there between New York and Moscow? The answer depends on whether or not it is daylight savings time in either, neither or both places.

6: How To Have An Affair And Not Get Caught
There are many reasons that you might decide to have an affair. Whatever your reasons may be it is crucial that you do so without getting caught. Here are 10 great tips on how to have an affair without getting caught. By carefully planning and properly executing your affair you can have a successful extramarital relationship.

7: Fake Money Used In Movies
In Hollywood's infancy, filmmakers used real money in their productions, only to run into legal and administrative problems such as workers stealing the money. At the time, very strict laws prohibited the filmmakers from copying, photographing or imitating American currency in any way. This presented Hollywood with a tricky problem. Always resourceful, filmmakers found a way around it.

8: 3 Ways To A Smooth and Easy Van Rental
When you have to rent a vehicle it can be a bit stressful. When you have to rent a van it can become a bigger hassle because it's not something you do everyday. You need to approach a van rental a bit differently than a car rental. This article's intention is to give you a few tips for a smooth transaction.

9: Tech News Trends And Headlines - How To Blog News Stories
Blogging news stories as they unfold is among the most thrilling and controversial applications of technology that bloggers have found out. A very important factor that makes the blogosphere so active is the reality that it is possible to update a blog instantaneously, so the news on blogs is often more current than the news in the paper, or on tv.

10: Lifestyle News Trends And Headlines - How To Create A Better News Release
Many organizations and businesses desire media coverage of their activities, and simultaneously several newsrooms are searching for local (or even national and international) topics to cover. If you belong to an organization that desires coverage, you are able to increase the odds of obtaining it by following a couple of simple news release (or press release) conventions.

11: Ideas for Spying on an Unfaithful Partner
Have you ever thought about what actions to take if you think your significant other is cheating on you? Find out how you can aptly unmask the reality, cleverly.

12: Health News Trends And Headlines - The Newest Findings About Psychological Disorders
While in the old days, it was believed that individuals with certain disorders were simply crazy and belonged in prison, nowadays we know that these kinds of disorders are actually very common and can have something to do with a chemical imbalance in the brain. Because of this imbalance, the affected person will show specific things that are not believed to be what we'd call normal. When this happens, our first thought is that the person is insane when in reality, they're nothing more than suffering from a disease which will likely subside with a bit of treatment either in the mental or medical field. The advancements in the diagnosis and treatment of such psychological disorders have developed, and people ought to be conscious that these people need help, not jail time.

13: Get Every Bit of Current Affairs from Across the Web
Everyone wants to know about the current affairs instantly. Keeping the same concern in mind, provides you with the top news stories instantly. Whether it is about business, entertainment, sports, politics, health or science/technology, aims to open viewers’ eyes to what is going on globally.

14: Entertainment News Trends And Headlines - Latest Movies - What You-Need-To-Know Guide.
Have you watched any good movies recently? So okay, the fact is there haven't been much to choose from. Come on, what I meant was, is there anything that's not a sequel or a re-make these days? At present, I know for a fact that plenty of screenwriters from around the globe are pumping out new scripts all the time; maybe even 100,000 per year roughly. Therefore, the problem lies within the inner circle of Hollywood. The movie business has simply gone downhill.

15: Know About Current Affairs Instantly
News Portals have revolutionized the people by providing them current affairs from India and globally instantly with accurate and detailed information. Web portals are all about getting current affairs from Indian and world as well.

16: Keep Yourself Informed by Keeping News Updates
Nowadays, due to competition, everyone wants to get updated with current events and happenings. If you are also looking for the same, then search news portals through the internet.

17: The Involvement Of Passports In The Recent Russian Spy Issue
The importance of keeping our country safe from outsiders who want to do harm to us is becoming harder and harder and illegal passports are part of the problem. It isn't difficult to learn how to get a new passport and criminals have even figured out how to get them with improper information, keeping their identity hidden. The safe monitoring of our nation's borders has become an ever growing problem and the recent news has verified this scary truth.

18: Black Greek Life- News and Views
African-American life was never the same with the inception of these fraternities and sororities. These were initiated as mutual help groups..