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Environment Articles

1: Using a Rain Barrel
Collecting falling water in a barrel or container is not a revolutionary new idea. The concept of a rain barrel and other types of rain catchers has been in use as long as agriculture... pretty much as long as civilization. In the last century or so,

2: Take Note - Affordable Green Home Building Is Possible
Many people will tell you that building a green, energy efficient home is much more costly than a traditionally constructed home. In the past, this would likely have been a true statement, however, some builders are now able to construct green homes that are comparable to or even less expensive than traditional construction.

3: Business Directories Are An Environmental Tragedy
These days it seems everything has a carbon footprint, and that includes how we look up local business phone numbers and email addresses. So for those of us wanting to minimise our contribution to climate change what's the most energy efficient way to find a local service?

4: Eco Friendly Strategies In The Car Hire Industry
A look at the methods being employed by car hire companies to make themselves and the industry more environmentally friendly.

5: Roofs are Helping the Planet and Go Going Green!
We've all heard of slate roofs, tiled roofs even thatched roofs. But green roofs? Thousands of square metres of otherwise redundant space can be planted up to absorb carbon dioxide, release oxygen, insulate our buildings and more.

6: What Can UK House-Builders Do To Achieve Our Renewable Energy Targets?
Discussion on how the UK government could work with house-builders to meet our renewable energy commitments.

7: Are Gutter Filters the Perfect Solution?
For years people have been exploring ideas on how to prevent rain gutters from collecting deposits of leaves and debris. Often driven by the desire to avoid the necessity of cleaning the gutters two, or three, or even four times a year, various different ideas have led to the creation of gutter guards, gutter covers, and gutter screens.

8: Life Cycle of the Flower
Learn how a flower blooms and matures through it's life.

9: Balcony Gardening for the Beginner
If you have never grown a garden before then there is no need to fear. You can grow a lovely garden in your apartment without a lot of experience necessary.

10: Recycling Ideas For Different Materials
This article gives advice for different materials you can recycle and why you should try to recycle as much as possible.

11: More Drivers Revealed To Be Buying Environmentally Friendly Cars
Motorists are looking to buy second-hand cars which are kinder to the environment, a new study shows.

12: The Horrors of Bear Farming: Why it Has to be Stopped
Bear farming is one of the most terrifying practices in China and other Asian practices. Although it had a good purpose at first, and that was to reduce the number of bears poached from the wild, wild-life researchers are now concerned over its danger to bears overall.

13: The Top Three Reasons To Install A Whole-House Water Filter
A whole-house filter connects to the main water line entering your house so that all of the water dispensers - faucets, showers, baths, kitchen, laundry - dispense filtered water. Many people are recognizing the advantages to installing a whole-house water filter; it helps our finances, our health, and the environment.

14: Global Warming Books: Some Support And Some Deny
Global warming is discussed in two main types of books. Some authors downplay the issue and insist there is no problem. Others speak of the compelling evidence, dangerous consequences, and solutions.

15: The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge has been under great debate lately with the current energy crisis in the United States. Many believe that it is the answer to high oil prices but the preservation of the natural habitat is often overlooked.

16: Global Warming and Your Computer
This article touches the sensitive subject of global warming and shows the impact we make on our environment from our computers everyday. Read this article to see what you can do to help.

17: Burning Salt Water For Fuel | Is It Possible?
Is it possible that the answer to our fuel concerns is all around us?

18: Fantastic Water Heater Instillation Guide
One of the most common home repair jobs that need doing is installing a hot water heater. It can be very difficult if you don't know anything about hot water heaters. It is actually rather easy to install a hot water heater by yourself. As long as you read all of the instructions it shouldn't be that much of a problem. You need to make sure that you can do this task before starting, being left without hot water is not a fun time!

19: What Is Different Energy
There's quite a lot of vitality that we will harness if we only seek to analysis and develop the technologies needed to do so. We are able to get away from the fossil fuels and the previous electrical grids by turning to alternate options to those vitality sources.

20: How Much Junk One Should Have Before Calling a Junk Removal Company?
Cleanliness and tidiness at home are very important, and you can remove your junk with the help of a junk removal agency. However, you may be quite unsure when is the best time to have your junk removed.

21: Using Eco-tourism To Keep The Earth Purified
You will find that when it comes to eco-tourism you will see that the most effective tool is the conservation of bio-diversity and learning how to make the right choices for the environment.

22: How To Calculate Your Carbon Foot Printing
Looking into the basic steps of reducing carbon footprint in an office environment.

23: Best Wind And Solar Power Design Choices: Installation Solar And Wind Power Ebooks
Alternative Power Systems Utilizing Wind and Solar Technology

24: Climate Change to Reduce European Holidays to the Mediterranean
It's a battle royal in 2008 as environmentalists see air travel as a main contributor to carbon emissions.

The holiday companies are offering better deals than ever before in financial terms - the green lobby says it will cost the earth.

25: Repair and Remodel the Exterior of Your House
Homeowners in Atlanta, Georgia found a way to enjoy the spring and summer without being disturbed by mosquitoes. They turned a plain porch into a screened-in palace of enjoyment.