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26: Can Anyone Really Say, "My Car Runs on Water?"
How a car can use water (or at least the hydrogen in the water) as a supplemental fuel to deliver better mileage and less pollution.

27: Wind and Solar Power: How to Put Up Your Own System
Day by day, population in the earth increases. Since the number of people being born to the world increases, this also poses a directly proportional increase to the amount of energy which is required and of course consumed.

28: Phenomenal Ways to Remove Mould From your Own Bathroom
Mould isn't the nicest thing to have in your bathroom, it is common in areas that get damp and warm often. Even if you clean on a regular basis it can be difficult to rid your bathroom from unsightly mould. The warm moist environment is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi that will create the mould. If you want to prevent mould becoming a problem then you should consider the following tips.

29: Tips On Applying Car Wax
Car Wax helps in preventing the exterior of an automobile becoming affected by oxidation and looking faded or damaged. Car Wax enhances the beauty of the exterior of the car by increasing the life of the paint finish. Car Wax also helps in concealin

30: Endemic Plants of Kilimanjaro
The forests and grasslands on the slopes of Kilimanjaro have unique vegetation such as the water holding cabbage. This is found in the moorland zone. There are other plants such as purple haze marij

31: Do You Understand The Meaning Of Asset Sustainability?
Is it possible to tell if a certain asset is inherently efficient within your organization, as compared to another? We could also ask this question by determining what metrics should be used to see if the asset is viable and how it would return value against its investment. Normally we would turn to performance indicators according to usability for a specific purpose and also refer to benchmarks established by the manufacture or expected within the industry.

32: Green Products has found this awesome new commuter bike from Montague called the SwissBike TX.
Green Products has come across a new design based on an old manner of transport: the Montague SwissBike TX. Montague, designers of folding bikes ever since 1987, has a new product aimed at the commuter; the SwissBike TX.

33: Alternative Electric Energy - Do Your Bit For The Environment
Alternative electric energy has seen a marked increase in investment over recent years. As the world responds to the range of crises presented by global warming, viable solutions are being sought to combat the problem.

34: Want to Live Off Grid? Alternative Energy Sources are Available
There used to be some disagreement over the reality of global warming, no longer. At this point in time all evidence points to the reality of global warming. It's time to stop avoiding the issue and time to start finding alternatives to fossil fuel energy. Alternative energy sources are absolutely available and can easily be harnessed to produce clean energy and help manage the problems we are facing due to global warming.

35: Designer Checks Applying Soy Ink Alternatives
People are starting to realize that the internet affords more comparative choices for choosing check designs. The huge choices at one?s fingertips offers more variety by allowing the purchaser opportunity to buy direct from the large check printers. These established printing companies in turn pass back a large price break.

36: Home Improvement Project That Saves The Environment And Your Pocketbook-Water Conservation
On top of conserving natural resources, saving water will cut your water bill. Savings in your water bill will give you more money to remodel with. Here's some suggestions on saving water.

37: When Will Mankind Learn to Preserve The Environment?
The Earth can be our residence and also the house of just about all residing beings on the planet. If we do not care for the earth then all of us participate in our destruction and also the earth's de

38: Hydro Power - The Secrets Behind Hydro Power
Using the water's power is an age-old phenomenon. Over the years it has been employed for irrigation and working a variety of machines, including water-wheels. But today, it is used more importantly as a alternative energy source.

39: Organic And Natural Methods To Keep Rats Outside Of Your Home
The rodents and mice happen to be fully essentially the most disturbing creatures that exist inside the houses and surroundings. The rats and mice primarily like to live inside of the houses and all-around apartments. They choose out of these spots as they get all their standards involves from this place. They get in the home through the smaller vents and holes of your house. Right after they get within your property, they make the optimum amount of destruction. The rodents and mice get in for the store rooms of the house and destroy the cereals and grains kept safely inside the sacks and bags. They destroy the electrical and electronic equipments by tearing off the wires and cables and wires. They effortlessly get on the kitchen and litter and urinate all through the cooking utensils and foods objects.

40: The Geology Of Kilimanjaro
Kilimanjaro lies on a tectonic line intersection 80km. east of the tectonically active Rift Valley. The activity which created this stratovolcano dates back less than a million years and the central a

41: Learn How To Drywall
Dry walling can be tough work, and it should never be undertaken if you are not quite sure what you are doing - it is not something you can pick up on the fly. However, that doesn't mean you can't do it. You simply have to take the time to learn how to drywall properly, so you end up with walls you can be proud of.

42: Save Money With Voltage Optimisation
VPhase plc has significantly expanded its distribution network of VPhase voltage optimisation devices for the home, with availability now from all City Electrical Factors (CEF) and Wolseley UK's Electric Center branches nationwide. The VPhase units are also available across a number of independent wholesalers throughout the UK.

43: Alternative Electricity Generation At Home Is Possible
The majority of electricity research focuses on alternative electricity generation. Energy and electricity production has shifted from burning fossil fuels to using alternative sources that are better for the environment. The traditional methods of electricity generation involve burning coal, petroleum and natural gas. But slowly the world is shifting to investigating and producing electricity from alternative sources. Electricity generation from biomass, solar energy, hydropower and wind power have been successfully developed and more research is being conducted to make them cost effective.

44: Accomplish a Goal with a Recycling Program
A popular song of the late Whitney Houston goes "I believe the children are our future; teach them well and let them lead the way". This is an undeniable fact. No matter whether you believe this or not, this generation will come to pass and it will be their turn to produce a distinction.

45: The Advantages of Solar Energy
Few people realize the staggering amount of energy the sun radiates. This energy reaches us in the form of heat and daylight, which we utilize for various purposes. But solar energy can be used for so many other different purposes using the right technology.

46: What To Know About Palm Oil Production
Palm oil production is relegated mainly to Indonesia and Malaysia, and is used most traditionally in southeast Asian and tropical African foods. However, the red-orange oil full of highly saturated fats is becoming increasingly popular in other parts of the world especially because of low costs, which means that more of it is being produced all the time.

47: Green Products Wind Power: Renewable Electrical Power
Green Products has found that one of the "emerging" technologies that has finally stabilized and become reliable is windmills or wind power. I say "reliable" because the early developmental windmills had a great many problems and were not ready for mass production. In fact, some of the early designs were maintenance headaches.

48: Shopping Conservational Tips For The Regular Shopper
Right now many of us are seemly more mindful of our "carbon footprint". We are doing what we can to be more environmentally responsible. Seeing as we all shop and we all buy products there are a few things that we can all do to be greener with our consumer dollars.

49: Reduce Carbon Emissions
Following a three month social housing trial with Great Places Housing Group, VPhase has released independently analysed results showing energy savings of between 8.5% and 9.0% and estimated yearly CO₂ savings of up to 180kg per property. This equates to an average 3.6% of a households' annual CO2 emissions and importantly, a significant proportion of many housing association's overall CO2 reduction targets.

50: The Basics of Solar Panel Construction
Instructions that are readily available for constructing solar panels often lead one to believe it is much more difficult than it really is.