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Get Condensed Information From a German History Timeline

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A German history timeline will give you facts about important events that have taken place in Germany since it was first settled in prehistoric times. The timeline is divided into sections, with each section taking in anywhere from 100 to 800 years. You will find the most concise details about the history of the country in the most recent centuries, which is why there is such a difference in the segments of the time line. From this information you will learn that Germanic tribes appeared in Germany during the Nordic Bronze Age between 1000 B.C. and 500 B.C. Julius Caesar invaded this area in 57 B.C., which is the period of the Gallic Wars. By 8 B.C., the various tribes had formed a Confederation.

There were many battled fought during the course of German history and you can learn the names of these battled by consulting a timeline. These include:

- The Battle of the Teutoberg Forest in 9 A.D.

- The Battle of the Wesier River in 16 A.D.

- The Batavian Rebellion in 69 A.D

- The Battle of Tolbiac in 496 A.D.

The consecration of Popes plays an important role in the history timeline of this country as well. Pope Boniface was consecrated in 530 A.D. but during the Crusades from the 11th to the 13th centuries, the number of Popes coming from Germany really increased especially in the 11 the century. There were five German popes in this century alone. From looking at a timeline, you will also learn about the rules of Germany, such as Frederick 1 Barbarossa in 1152 and Rudolph 1 in 1273. The years between 1000 and 1500 were turbulent times for Germany as you will see from the treaties signed during this period. The 16th century gave rise to Martin Luther and his 95 Theses, which essentially cause a great deal of turmoil for the Roman Catholic Church, not only in Germany, but in other parts of Europe.

During the early part of the 17th century, Germany was engaged in the Thirty Years War and in the War of Austrian Succession and the Seven Years War in the 18th century. Learn when Johann Sebastian Bach was born, as well as Mozart, Beethoven and other famous artists and composers simply by looking at a timeline.

On a timeline of German history, the 19th century deserves a section of its own because of the many events that took place during these years. It is not just events of historical importance that you will find in this type of document, but anything that has a bearing on the history of the country. For example, you will find that The Brothers Grimm published their first collection of fairy tales in 1812 and that the first gasoline automobiles were invented by Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler in 1885.

Throughout the 20th century, Germany was involved in two World Wars and suffered devastation as a result of both of them. The German Democratic Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany were created in 1949 and the Berlin Wall was built to separate them in 1961. This wall fell in 1989 and Berlin was named the capital of a new united Germany.

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