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December 21, 2012 - End Of The World Or Just Another Day?

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A lot of different disasters have been happening to the Earth lately. Massive earthquakes, super typhoons, global warming, floods, and even other severe crisis and disasters have been shaking up people's view about the state of our beloved planet. There are people out there that claim these disasters are signs that all point to the final Apocalypse 2012. A cornucopia of different opinions have coming from intersecting parts of society have been causing a wave of panic and unrest amongst everyone. People have started asking many questions regarding the 2012 prophecies and are trying to find out if this will really be the end of the world as we know it.

It's hard to tell the facts apart from the hoaxes. It's hard to verify fact from fiction with the many websites spreading rumours, viral campaigns, and doomsday movies? One has to wonder whether this widespread panic can be a cause of genuine fear, or whether it is a product of smart businessman to make a lot of money? Either way, people are getting more and more restless in their search for answers.

If people will observe closely, Religion, Science, and even parts of History all believe that the dawning of the Apocalypse is near. The Bible, Nostradamus, the Mayans, and even countless scientific theories all provide speculations about the Year 2012 Apocalypse. So the question that seems to baffling everyone is this, will the world really end in 2012? Some say it will, some say it won't. Some have their Faith to hold onto, while others turn to Science for answers. One acceptable answer to the big question is that it will depend on the amount of energy of the Earth. This theory is based on the Second Law of Thermodynamics which justifies the possibility of Heat Death or the eventual stopping of the mechanical movement of the Earth due to its total and irreversible loss of energy.

Whichever way people choose to look at it, one simple truth really matters, and it's that all good things must come to an end. And if God made all things "good", then maybe it's just a matter of time before the earth comes to an end too.

Oftentimes, answers to difficult questions are just right in front of you. Maybe the end of the world doesn't actually depend on the movements or cycles of Comets, or Mayan beliefs, or even the wrath of God. Maybe the coming of the Apocalypse is an inevitable truth that everyone has to face whether they like or not, and that the end of human kind whether it be tomorrow or in 2012, will solely depend on the way humans takes care of Mother earth.
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You are Here: » Culture-and-society » December 21, 2012 - End Of The World Or Just Another Day?