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Boosting The Speed Of My Slow PC

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With the growing popularity of computers and pcs, it will seem almost impossible to even imagine the possibility of living without them. Computers make our human lives much easier. Without them, we could not efficiently do some of the common tasks that are needed in everyday life. Knowing this, we can clearly see the insatiable need to not only make human life easier, but to also bring instant gratification.

We all want to better sort out our lives, streamline each or our processes to get us closer to what we all really are after: instant gratification. The faster our tasked are processed the faster we get to move on to the next thing. The shortest path to frustration is taking to long on a task we know we could have done better, faster, more inaccurate. A commons ailment of our new streamlined selves, is a computer that just can't keep up. We need faster processing, loading, and display. As previously noted, they are such a part of our live, so we can't help but take their ill performance personally. A slow loading email from a friend, is indirectly determined to be bad communication between you. Irritation soon sets in.

Here, we will describe three common steps to getting your machine to run better.

1. Upgrade Your Memory (RAM)

One of the quickest ways our computers date themselves is by not having enough RAM. As new products are released onto the market, the hardware requirements increase. With heavier graphics and processing requirements, theses programs need more RAM (the short term memory of your computer) to keep the program running smooth. RAM (random accessed memory) is one of the easiest upgrades to do your self and will show the best improvement in performance for time spent.

2. Maintaining your Computer's Registry

Just as you need to shake out a dust cloth occasionally to keep it functioning well, you need to clean up your computer's registry from time to time. Your computer processes a massive amount of information over time and in the process collects "things". The registry keys in your computer tell your computer how to operate but over time these keys become clogged, or more exactly, corrupted. Corrupted registry keys will cause you computer to slow down and at times do other strange things as opposed to what you want it to be doing. It's a good idea to clean up the registries periodically. Most PC's come with the software to do this but you still may have to initiate the action yourself at times.

3. Do Not Have Multiple Programs Running

In our fast paced world, people love to multitask in order to get things as quickly done as possible. But while doing that, they slow themselves and their computers down. For example, if a person is doing research on the internet, while having Microsoft Word and Microsoft Powerpoint running at the same time, then without a shadow of a doubt, their computer is going to run slow. Each computer has their limit to how much work they can handle simultaneously and if you violate that, then you will cause your computer to operate below the optimal level.
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