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Security Articles

1: An Effective Homemade Recipe For Self-Defense Pepper Spray
As much as criminals are becoming craftier, you should get smarter in being capable to fend them off. An easy-to-get self-defense weapon would come in handy, for sure. The great news is that pepper spray purchase and usage are legal everywhere you go in the U.S.

2: Web Criminals Selling GBs Of Personal Data Online
Internet criminals are moving on from infecting Computers with tools to take data for themselves and opening up online crime rings where they sell various amounts of data for a fixed price.

3: How to Get Rid of Email SPAM
Junk email, better known as spam, is the number one annoyance you may get through your email account. Oftentimes, even if your email provider has anti-spam measures in place, a lot of it still makes it into your mailbox. You end up spending minutes everyday just figuring out which among the messages you received are real and which of them deserve junking.

4: Dallas Area Wired to Fight Disaster
The Dallas area has beefed up their security among emergency response units in a unique way -- by computer network. They've created a unique means to communicate between departments. The biggest event that made this type of communications needed was the Sept. 11th attack and chaos that ensued.

5: What "Warning Spyware Detected on Your Computer" Means
If you get the message, "warning spyware detected on your computer," do not immediately click the link on the pop-up that will lead you to a spyware removal program site. Chances are, this is a disguised anti-spyware program that will actually just infect your PC with more spyware, malware, or adware programs. On the other hand, if you get the message, "install antivirus or spyware remover", you may conclude that there is a legitimate need for an anti-spyware.

6: Computer security: a matter of concern and tips to avoid trouble
This article explains the issues that surround computer security and suggests ways to avoid problems.

7: Is Your Computer Safe Offline?
People can be lulled into a false sense of security with their pc's and small business computers. Are you one of them?

8: Phishing Scams - How To Detect Them
E-mail phishing is one of the most common forms of fraud there is. Yet sadly, mot people still do not recognize them and fall blindly into their trap.

9: Identity Theft - Signs That Your Identity Has Been Stolen
Identity theft is a popular crime today. But unlike other crimes, the victims of identity theft often are unaware that a crime has been committed until after the damage to their credit and their name has been done. Would you know before it is too late if your identity is stolen? Here is what to check for to stop identity theft in its tracks.

10: Colocation America: Changes in Business Class Hosting
What is meant by the term Colocation Hosting?

11: 4 Tips That Can Protect Your Computer From Online Threats
Following a few simple steps can mean all the difference in having a reasonably safe and fun online experience or inviting disaster. Here's how to stay safe while online.

12: Phishing - The New Game In Town
Have you ever heard of a lying computer? It's the latest rage use by hackers. And the threat is growing.

13: What Is A Control Room For?
A great deal of large companies have their own security systems set up. They do this because they need to be sure that their private premises are secure to ensure that their employees can work in peace and quiet. Each of these security systems must have a control room of some kind though. Let's have a look at exactly what the control room does.

14: How the Image Sensor Affects the Camera
An outdoor security camera, like all cameras, uses an image sensor made up of many pixels which registers the amount of light and converts it to the corresponding number of electrons. The brighter the light, the more electrons are generated. There are two main technologies used for the camera's image sensor.

15: A Wireless Hidden Camera Give You Flexibility And Security
Sometimes you need to see what's going on, so a wireless hidden camera is an important consideration. For example, people who have caregivers or hired help coming into their homes may want to see what is going on when they're not there. This surveillance item can provide peace of mind and, if needed, documentary proof of any serious problem.

16: Guide To CCTV Security Cameras
There are two types of CCTV cameras. You can choose from CMOS or CCD which are differentiated by the image sensor. Cameras that are CMOS based are cheaper of the two but do not produce the same quality of image in terms of sharpness and clarity as the CCD camera delivers.

17: How to delete Firefox Mozilla internet temporary files?
Sometimes you ask yourself if it is worth to delete Firefox temporary files or not, what result you will get by removing them and how to delete Firefox cache files. This article will answer to your questions and help to keep your PC more private.

18: Access Control
Access Control Systems and CCTV are being installed in more premisis now than they have ever been, people choose these to help protect their homes, family and businesses.

19: Using A Padlock For Security
Nowadays the main use of a padlock is incorporated in many different areas like the home or business for prevention against unauthorized entry or even theft. The long history of these types of locks is recorded back many centuries ago even back to the ancient Roman Empire. These locks have plenty of useful benefits for their variety of uses while still being easy to use and effective. In today's modern times they are very easy to use anywhere and there's a lot of variety out there for you to choose from for whatever you intend to use them for.

20: Tell Me About Surveillance
I've seen tons of homes nowadays that have internal and external security systems. It's unfortunate that the crime stats are so high these days. Why are so many people opting to have an in home surveillance system?

21: Should You Install Shutters On Your Home?
Decorative shutters are very popular because they are inexpensive and are a quick way to make the outside of any house look better. Most shutters you see now days on windows are shutters that are nothing more than props and made to look like the real thing. They dont move or have any purpose other than to look good.

22: Stay Safe Online
Have you recently discovered the fun of Facebook? Connecting with old friends, hearing news from businesses and groups that you are interested in, or just keeping in touch with your kids. Here are a few ways to make yourself invisible to obsessive strangers - without putting a crimp in your social life.

23: Monitored Alarm Security System
Having a security system is the need of the hour. Just as it is important to have a security system at your house it is necessary to have alarm system monitoring. Alarm system monitoring consists of viewing your security device and alerting if any abnormalities are seen with the device.

24: Tips to Remember Before Purchasing a Gun Safe
Now that you own a gun, you have an obligation to choose and purchase the right gun safe for your firearm. This is to make sure it does not get stolen by a thief, or misused in any way by anyone in your family. However, choosing the right gun safe is an important decision to make if you value its security.

25: CCTV Systems, How One Little Device Can Secure So Much Property
The original intent of CCTV systems was to provide store owners a measure of protection against shoplifters. This original intent has expanded and CCTV systems now provide multiple other services for business owners. The property that CCTV systems help to protect now includes physical property also.