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Various Things To Look at in the Design Paper you Purchase

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Using design paper that blends with the objective of your business is recommended to remove the monotony of plain white paper. There are a few things to look out for in this type of paper that you purchase for your requirements.

There are some interesting features to consider when purchasing or ordering for sheets of design paper. Firstly, you need to decide upon the dimensions of the paper that you want to order. 8.5 X 11 inches is the standard size although, you may want to go for something more unique. When dealing with professional paper suppliers you are assured of getting papers which are acid and lignin free. You can even request for eco-friendly recycled paper if you are keen on it. 24 lb and 28lb paper stock is generally used for this kind of paper and although thicker versions are used for double sided printing, these are perfect when you want to print the content only on one side. For the same reason you can have different kinds of finish on either side of the paper.

If you are purchasing design paper, you may want to check the finish and the overall theme of the design. You can get designer papers which are themed for a particular holiday season such as Christmas or are geared up towards seasons like spring or autumn. It isn't uncommon to find these papers with Christmas figures like snowmen, pines, lanterns, etc. or with spring blossoms, autumn leaves, floral prints, winter snow or luminous holidays. You can choose between bright looking papers or papers with darker shades or colors depending upon how you intend to use the paper. The paper is equally useful for sending invitations or greetings, for art and craft or for packing gifts. You can put the paper to a lot of other innovative uses during the holidays, which is why it is worth the value to order these and stack them up in advance.

Beautiful design paper can be used for marketing too, in which case you will need it to have a glossy look about it through several layers of coating. On the other hand, if you want to use it as a letterhead, you might want it to be textured and less shiny to retain the clarity of the letters. You can get customized designer paper printed by uploading images from your personal collection. You can also request for your business logos to be printed on the paper if needed.

The versatility of the design paper is the most admirable attribute as you can use it with ambassadorial or imperial margins, as 3 panel brochures or as a Christmas greeting card. You can use your spare designer papers for writing cute love notes to your partner. You can use the same papers for sending out invitations to friends and family members. Desktop printable, DIY papers save money for you as you don't have to go out and shop for thank you or apology cards. These designer papers prove to be the one stop solution for all your communication needs especially around jolly holidays. So, depending on how you want to use it, you have to look for the right attributes. You may want to pick a brighter and vibrant one for art and craft while a plainer one is needed for letters.

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