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1: Managing Nonprofit Technology May Put You In Conflict With Your Nonprofit's Mission
Do you support the technology in your nonprofit organization but you don't know why? Are you an accidental technician? If you want a way out of your technical jail then read on to learn more.

2: What is the Best Exercise For 6 Pack Abs?
Contrary to what the experts will tell you, sit ups and crunches are not the best exercise for 6 pack abs. That is what almost everyone that I talk to comes up with because that is what we hear. More crunches and sit ups do not equal less fat though. Many of the so called experts do not even have great abs with all of the time that they have for exercising. Do you think your results will be better?

3: Frozen slush and the day is yours
Children love monster slush. The famous brand with the blue monster "Mikki" is the fast seller.

4: 3 Tips to Stay Healthy and Fit
I know when a woman hears the word fitness, the first thing that comes to her mind is losing weight. While loseing weight is important, there are many other reasons to stay fit. The more fit you are, the more energy you will have which will allow you to enjoy your favorite activities. Also, being fit will keep you healthier and let you live longer. Below are three tips to help you stay healthy and fit.

5: The Phrase “Charity Begins at Home” Was Never More True Than Now
There have been numerous reports published lately that show food banks and homeless shelters all over the United States are having a very difficult time during this economic recession. They are being given a lot less money, yet the demand for their services has increased significantly.

6: Do You Want To Get A Six Pack Quickly?
One year ago, I decided that I was done being out of shape, so I set out to get a six pack quickly. For the last ten years a knee injury had kept me from being as active and it showed on my waist line. I wasn't that overweight, but I was not in shape either. I looked in the mirror one day at how soft and flabby my stomach had become and I decided to do something about it.