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Deal With County Court Judgements (CCJ) As Part Of A Complete Debt Solution

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County Court Judgements, or CCJs, are the legal mechanism in England and Wales by which a lender starts the process of forcing payment of a debt. Being issued with a CCJ will be recorded on an official register, and will have a very negative effect on a person's credit rating.

If the debtor still does not pay the debt after a CCJ is issued, then the courts may take further action, including ordering bailiffs to seize property and sell it at auction.

If you are in debt and cannot afford to repay then you will already realize that it is a very stressful situation. The stress can affect both individuals and their family, and can often lead to illnesses such as nervous breakdowns.

Those who have debt problems are usually advised to take whatever positive action they can to face up to them. Debts very rarely disappear on their own, and are in fact more likely to grow in magnitude if not dealt with.

Not many people are able to resolve problems of this nature on their own, but many do in fact benefit from the help and support of sympathetic, trained experts in the field of debt advice and solutions.

In the UK, banks and credit card companies are obliged to work to a Banking Code, which mandates that they should behave reasonably towards those in financial difficulties. In very many cases this means that they are prepared to help those who enter into a structured plan to repay what they can reasonably afford. Often the best way to set up a plan like this is to contact the debt adviser/ credit counselor service offered by a local Citizens Advice office.

Debts are normally divided into priority and non-priority debts. Priority debts are more important, and include rent and mortgage arrears, and County Court Judgment (CCJ) debts. Generally creditors are obliged to be reasonable towards those who are prepared to make a reasonable attempt to repay their debts. For example when a debt management plan (DMP) is set up they will often freeze interest and penalty charges.

If you are in financial difficulty, or if you are subject to a County Court Judgement, it is normally best to deal with the problem. Many find the help of credit counseling services, such as those provided by Citizens Advice Bureaus, to be invaluable. Creditors, including banks and credit card companies, are often very reasonable to those who make a realistic and sustainable (affordable) plan to repay their debts.

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Plan ahead to avoid having to face a CCJ. If you are struggling with debt, contact a financial advice centre or debt management company before it gets to that stage.
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