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Glass Tiles And All Its Classifications

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"During the early BC, this was originally used as mosaic. Glass tiles were created and developed far after the clay tiles are made. Combination of size, color, and shape, glass tiles happen to be one of the most innovative works during 8,000 BC. It is commonly made from Persia, India, and Greece for which then had been developed.

Development of glass tiles would involve high heat in able to melt the glass and being a master artist in order to create a work of art. Since glass is more subtle than a porcelain material, Smalti is made from molten glass and metal oxides, which can add color and the result, would be a cloudy mixture that adds art into the tile. Nowadays, with the help of technology glass tile is made with more varieties.

* Smalti tile

This type of time is made from silica with sodium or potassium carbonate plus metal for stabilizing colors as far as the 18th century BC. Afterwards, it was melted into a high temperature then rolled over in a slab. Usually it measures 6 inches thick and once cooled, cutting into small rectangular shape is done manually since at that time technology was not yet into place.

* Fused tile

This type of tile is done with other coating to ensure the durability and scuff. The basic material for making a fused tile is the flat glass or windshield glass. By cutting it into small tile pieces, fusing is then made to ensure the outcome for this type of tile. Translucent color is the result after the process of fusing. In terms of the size, there are options from the smallest mosaic tile to the largest format.

* Sintered tile

Known to be a versatile material, the sintered tile is made from glass powder, which then heated until all particles mixed together. Whether mixing together with the powder or after cooling it off, adding another color is an option. This comes with a uniform look and its durability with scratch resistance which is one of the great things about this tile.

* Cast tile

The production of this tile involves recycling. Used tiles are cut into pieces then placed in a high temperature mold to melt it. The moment it turns lucid than the result would become a layered look.

* Slumped tile

This type of material is done by slumping method wherein a glass is curved into a concave-shape during the meting process. A unique outline shape is the after effect. Usually only low temperature is needed when making a slumped tile.

* Etched glass tile

There are three applications needed for making the etched glass tile. Layering and applying solutions for each are involved. Hydrofluoric acid is then placed from the exterior or base then followed by adding cloudy glass inside out to get the exact result for this type of tile. Laser cutter is then used to cut its precise shape.
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