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Java Articles

1: HTML 5: The New Face Of The Web
It will still be a few years (two? four?) before browsers have fully integrated the whole HTML 5 standard, but many of the new features are available today. In fact, four of the five leading browsers (Firefox, Opera, Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome) have integrated some next-gen features. Microsoft promised strong support in Internet Explorer 8, but most reviewers were underwhelmed when IE8 was released, suggesting users will have to wait for IE9. Still, with obvious commitment from all browser builders, HTML 5 is definitely on the way to becoming the new face of the Web.

2: Make Strong And Satisfying Coffee At Home With The Cuisinart Espresso Maker
One of the ultimate luxuries is having a Cuisinart Espresso Maker for the richest, most flavorful coffee, latte or cappuccino. You have the option of the traditional version which gives you complete control or the programmable version that gives you exact results every time. One or two cups can be made at a time and steamed milk and foam can be made with the stainless steel nozzle.