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76: Local Tattoo Removal Melbourne
Laser tattoo removal is now safer and within a price reach of most people. Local tattoo removal clinics offer professional services to those thinking of having a tattoo removed in Melbourne.

77: Smile Better With This Weird Invention
Want to have that perfect smile? It's easy if you live in Japan with the Smile Trainer.

78: Tips for Styling Your Hair with a Flat Iron
There are a few really lucky people out there that have beautifully straight hair. Some of them seem to be able to just get out of the shower and go and not have to worry about frizz or wave in the hair at all. Most people are not like that. Most of us, even if our hair isn't exactly curly, don't have perfectly straight hair either. If this is you, then you probably need the help of a flat iron to get the smooth straight look with your hair.

79: Tanning Bed Number One Precaution
Everyone should know by now the dangers of ultraviolet radiation. We are exposed to high levels whenever we are out in the sun, but tanning beds are highly concentrated pods of UV rays making them more dangerous than the sun. It can damage softer tissues of the body if proper protection is not used.

80: Cool And Easy Flawless Foundation Tips For Perfect Looking Skin
1. For a sheer look, dilute your foundation with two drops of water for normal skin; toner for dry skin; Witch Hazel for oily skin. Mix it with your your foundation before applying.

81: Which Hair Straightener: The Curling Iron Or The Hot Roller
Remember that it is stated that diamonds seriously are a girl's best friend but this is really far from the truth with the woman of the new millennium that has a penchant for elegant hairstyles. She has a new best friend...her straighteners!

82: Alkaline Diet And Acne
Despite the fact that alkaline diet has been an issue in some discussions, many people believe that it can help prevent acne problem. However, there are some people who are not convinced about the effect of this diet plan in relation with acne. Perhaps, you have been using different diet plan claiming to be effective with acne yet you do not see any positive result. Then you can try the alkaline diet as it is safe to take it.

83: Excessive Sweating Remedy - Tips To Cut Out Excessive Sweat
If you want to find the best excessive sweating remedy... it's often helpful to really delve down into the issue and figure out what is making you sweat excessively. The problem with sweating is that it will never go away completely... but there are many things you can do to try to reduce it.

84: Are Cellulite Massagers For You?
The need to lessen cellulite through cellulite massagers, surgeries, and other methods has become popular lately. There is a a large desire among many people to get rid of cellulite even though this skin disorder rarely leads to serious health problems. Women mostly find cellulite in their hips, butt, thighs and stomach. Cellulite is often associated with overweight people despite the fact that even thinner people may get it.

85: Modern Aging Treatments May Not Be Superior
A new dawn has come in the anti-aging fight. Throughout the span of time, women have used a wide variety of products to try to keep their skin youthful and supple. Though there are a wide variety of products available for anti-aging treatment, it's difficult to tell if they are going to work.

86: Ways to Far better Fully grasp Cystic Acne and Its Treatments
Find out the right way to treat acne problems

87: Liposuction Surgery - What It Is And How It Works
The surgical procedure that removes fat from specific areas of the body, by either combining it with another procedure or using it on its own is called body contouring, or liposuction. Procedures vary from patient to patient and depend on what, if any, other surgery is being performed.

88: Carrier Oils: Aromatherapy's Harmonizer
The term aromatherapy conjures up a fabulous string of scent associations: lemongrass, neroli, tangerine, sandalwood, peppermint, sea buckthorn! There's no doubt, essential oils are the celebrities of the aromatherapy world. These vibrant oils would not be as applicable to our health, however, were it not for the wallflowers in the background: the carrier oils. These oils come from plants as well and are primarily used as direction mediums for essential oils. Since essential oils are made of small chemical molecules, they break down once they are exposed to the elements. This is the origin of the aromatherapy phrase ?volatile oils.? Carrier oils have long-chain structures, though, which make them much more stable and therefore ideal for use with the skin, which is constantly exposed to air.

89: Best Ways to Stay Away from Pimples
The present item debates the main two ways to keep away from pimples.

90: Reasons To Meet With A Hair Color Expert
Almost 75 percent of women favor coloring their hair nowadays, showing just how popular this has become.

91: The Easy Way To Correctly Care For Your Skin
Skin care is as critical for your health , as it is for your self esteem. Variables, for example weather, temperature and stress, can affect your skin, so it is important to know exactly how to care for your skin type. This draft has tips to ensure that you feel and look your best. Delicate skin sufferers should be careful when purchasing products labeled "hypoallergenic". This is solely a promoting slogan and there are no FDA laws that control when this word can be used on an item. Don't instantly say that because a product is titled "hypoallergenic" that it has less antigens and is therefore safer for your skin.

92: Medical Hair Restoration
Your hair plays a vital part in your daily grooming routine. You can't just don your bed hair all day long, whether you plan to go out or just stay at home. You would usually comb or brush your hair either as soon as you get up or before going out of your room. When going out on a date, there would be much ado about the hair making you spend more time on it sometimes.

93: Tanning Bed Dangers
The use of tanning beds on a regular basis carries many hidden dangers that some regular users may not be aware of. It is important that members of a culture that idealizes tanned skin be aware of the risks involved in this 5 billion dollar industry.

94: In Search Of The Best Stretch Mark Solution
Pregnancy can be a fulfilling aspect of a womans life, but can also result in stretch marks. Stretch marks appear when the skin is stretched too quickly and start out as reddish or purple marks. The second layer of the skin, the dermis, tears and is visible as the purple marks on skin which ultimately turn whitish or silver. While there is nothing dangerous about stretch marks, they can be unsightly, prompting many women to look for the right kind of stretch mark solution.

95: Control Your Acne Today
Acne is a condition that affects more people than you probably realize. It's a common skin problem that you can get rid of with the right methods.

96: What You Should Know About Hot Wax Hair Removal
Over the years we women have desired less and less hair on their bodies. Shaving, which is the traditional method, just doesn't give us the silky smooth finish we prefer. However, hot wax hair removal can give professional grade results that we crave. Increasingly this simple method has become the number one way to remove hair leaving the skin soft and supple.

97: Beauty Secrets from Around the World
Keeping and improving their natural beauty is an essential issue for women everywhere and they make no secret of it. Natural beauty secrets have been passed down through successive generations from royal subjects to the general worker from every culture on the planet. The application of natural beauty secrets is not as predominant in the West though where women prefer the knife, injecting botox and liposuction to improve their beauty. Unusual when you think there are so many natural beauty treatments readily available offering beauty advantages without any health risk.

98: How Can I Get Rid Of My Acne? Here's How Anyone Can Clear Their Skin
Many people have tried various acne products without seeing any improvements in getting rid of their acne. It's sad as dealing with acne is a big frustration! However, you need to understand that it's entirely possible to eliminate acne once you understand how to effectively treat it.

99: Cellulite Massage Treatment - Shrink Cellulite Devoid of Hassle
There is no lazier tactic to remove dimply skin than by making use of home cellulite treatment massage.|Making use of home cellulite treatment massage is undoubtedly the easiest, fastest, and most worry free method to reduce unpleasant, skin destroying cellulite.

100: Back Acne and Your Diet plan
Back Acne and Your Eating habits