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Things You Should Know About Bailiffs

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A great deal of people end up in personal debt problems every year and then find themselves confronting the bailiff. This is someone that is used by the law to complete the recovering of outstanding debts of people who get into default. They have special powers to go to a person's house and take applicable actions to recoup outstanding money owed.

Bailiffs are governed by law and a set of procedures that are in place so that they treat people fairly and try to ensure that they will not be put into unnecessary hardship. That said they will do everything necessary to recover the monies owed which could include the taking of items from your home or eviction and resale of your property depending on the circumstances.

There are actually county courts and privately run bailiffs. Those that work with the county court usually just execute work related to county court judgments financial debt whilst the private agencies may execute a variety of work. You should understand the things they will be able to do by law as well as the things they cannot do.

This first thing to check is that the person coming to your door has a valid identity card. They are not allowed to force entry into your property but if they find a door unlocked then they can use that as a form of entry. Otherwise they can only gain entry if they are invited by the occupants. Once they have entry you are not allowed to forcibly eject them from the premises.

A bailiff who has entered your property legally will be allowed to carry out a walking possession order. This is where they will take a list of all you valuable possessions which can be used to pay down your debt. You can still come to an arrangement at this point but the likelihood is it will not be to your advantage.

It is very possible to negotiate on a walking possession order. You will need to prove that you can meet the arrangement that you have come to and satisfy the enforcers that this is the case. You will have to meet all the future payments as one slip up could break the agreement and mean there is no further room for negotiation.

A bailiff dropping by your home isn't really the end of the story because you will be allowed to arrive at an understanding to repay the debt. You should try to make a suitable arrangement earlier than this point though

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If bailiffs visit your home it is vital that you are aware of your rights and that you do not have to let them enter your property.
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