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Energy Saving Bulbs – for the Future

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Most homes and businesses today are using energy saving bulbs. While environmentally minded people see the value and are willingly and enthusiastically using the new bulbs, others are being encouraged into their use by governments who are taking action to increase energy conservation and reduce consumer waste. Although the energy saving bulbs are generally as easy to find as the old fashioned bulbs, they are not the same and must be handled differently.

First,when installing these bulbs do not grab or hold the glass tubing. You should hold energy saving bulbs by the plastic, white part, which is called the ballast, and gently twist into the socket. Once installed do not flip on and off. You should initially leave energy saving bulbs on for the minimum of fifteen minutes, if you want to achieve the most effectiveness and see the greatest amount of savings over the bulb’s life.

Next, use the right bulb for the right situation. Choose bulbs that were specifically designed for the fixture and the wattage power recommended by the manufacturer. This means if you have a three way socket, or dimmer fixture only use energy saving bulbs that are three-way or dimming. Some kinds of specialty light fixtures, such as electric timers, photocells, or motion sensors, are not compatible with many energy saving bulbs. The wrong bulbs can fail to light, damage the fixture and even create a fire hazard.

Outdoor lighting has it own set of rules when it comes to energy saving bulbs. It is very important that they are protected and this will usually require that they are inside an enclosure. They can be damaged by debris, thrown objects, or heavy rain. In colder regions pay particular attention to the operating temperatures which should be listed on the packaging. Although this may keep you from using certain bulbs in the winter months, you should be able to use them when it warms up.

Finally do not discard with the ease you may have used with your other bulbs. Some of the older energy saving styles used mercury, which is a hazardous material, and so they should not be thrown in the regular rubbish. Many communities now have special waste collection sites where these older bulbs can be taken. New energy saving designs are not made with very much mercury, they use amalgam which is safer to store and transport. Often these new bulbs are sold with additional information which encourages consumers to return for recycling.

We use these modern bulbs to save money through better fuel efficiency. We also use them to be better stewards of our earth, to protect our environment and help reverse any damage done. It is important to teach our children why we use them as this will help them grow up to be environmentally and energy aware adults. With the proper and correct use of energy saving bulbs we can achieve some fuel efficiency objectives, just with the simple action of changing the bulb designs for all our lighting needs.

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