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The Benefits Of Teen Driving Courses and Driver Education

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Teen drivers account for most of the accidents on roadways today, statistics claim. This raises insurance prices, liability, and even may result in teens losing their license from poor driving. The goal in driving courses and driver education is to give teens the knowledge necessary to firstly pass the driving test on exam day, but also keep them safe with important safety tips and procedures.

Monetary Benefits of Driver Education Courses

Many insurance companies allow for reduced prices in insurance costs to teens who have taken driver's education classes. This usually requires that the child passed with an impressive grade. Other insurance companies offer families video tapes and written tests of common safety tips in driving. If teens do well on these exams, they can get a huge break in insurance expenses.

The improved safety knowledge while driving also makes teens less prone to accidents and wrecks. This keeps insurance rates as low as possible, since wrecks often make insurance rates skyrocket. Sadly, even getting in a wreck in which the teen driver was not at fault can raise insurance prices- so teens should be aware of other drivers driving recklessly on the road.

Driver's education also stresses that obeying the speed limit and driving with caution is the best way to go. This helps save on tickets or other violations that can cost hundreds of dollars. It also produces less strain on vehicles, in which they would otherwise be pushed to the limit by excessive speeds or reckless maneuvers. With less strain comes longer life- which means less money spent on vehicles.

Exam Preparation of Driver Education Courses

Another good benefit of driver's education courses is that it helps prepare students for the exam- both the written and they hands-on exams.

The written exam differs from state to state, but it can often be very tough. It forces students to memorize driving laws, signs, and other types of related driver's education laws. The failure rate is usually somewhat high, even with studying. The problem is that teens don't get enough hands-on practice before taking the written exam. Actions are much more memorable than words in a book, so this is often overlooked as a huge benefit to driver's education courses.

The hands-on exam gets even more benefit in pass rates, since it actually demands that students put their knowledge to use. In this case, only experience behind the wheel can get the student in shape to pass the driving test. Parents are required to take students out for a specified amount of hours before taking the test, but not every parent is a good driving coach. This is where driver's education courses shine, since there will be no yelling, drama, or hardships that commonly plague parent-child driving excursions.

Final Thoughts on Driver's Education Courses

Enlisting a teen into a driver's education course is a smart decision. Not only is there monetary benefit, which is always nice, but the odds that the teen will pass the driver's test will be much higher. This is nice, since not every parent can afford to take off work multiple times in case their children don't pass the exam.

As with everything, passing the written and hands-on driving tests handed out by each state will require determination and perseverance. Don't be discouraged by the amount of information to remember and put to use. Enrolling in a driver's education course will assuredly provide all the necessary experience to get on the right track.
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