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Keep Red Ants From Black Ants

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Healthy lifestyles certainly fit in with the classical early American, Henry David Thoreau, of Walden Pond wisdom and fame. Actually, his soul mate Emerson owned the land around the pond, and allowed Henry David to build his house of wattles there, and live there for three year, three months, and three days, and then David did of his choice depart forever.

Before he had lived his daily routine days life through, Henry David would lie out and observe, after all his daily needs had been met. He had come to realize that he had created his cabin over lands long on a route by both red ants and black ants, and those he had disturbed. They kept at their known duties, each in a line, carrying a leaf back to HQ, all plans divine. Yet, if some accident happened, or Henry dropped a dead tree, and those red and black ants were sent into disturbance and a mode of flee, all red and and black ant, when they met, did not say, excuse me, I am sorry, have a good day.

These Arabs and Jews would drop their leaf bread, and fight each other until each one of them was dead. No Donner, or Blitzen, to help them see light, just hatred and darkness, on into the night. As Thoreau thought of America when it's soldiers arrived in Mexico City, give up this long madness, Jew Blitzen, Islam Donner, and Christian night fright.

Thoreau thought that each element of humanity should go stand in their corner and give life a good think. At least for the night. If we recreate ourselves of early beings, getting primal near our roots, it might be wise we share some barren desert out west from nowhere, where people could create a huge crescent wall to protect them, in the west near El Al Amain, where German Rommel met his Waterloo.

Meanwhile, Henry David Thoreau was back in town. But, then, when his idealized new Athens on a hill known as America asked him for extra tax payment to support the troops as they seized Mexico City, he became our first great war resister. And the new disciple of wholesome living in Athens, not Rome on that hill.

It will all come together, while science sets us free, that some times there are primal urges within us we need to keep free. Peace. If you are a red ant and I am a black ant, it does not matter who gets to Scotland before thee. From Buddha to Alexander, Jesus, and me.

If you take the high road, and I take the low road, we shall hopefully see scenes kinder than those red ant heads on pikes from Scotland all before thee. Enough. Love has more power than hatred, and is winning. Those with pikes, civilization is just beyond you. Give peace a chance.
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