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Overcoming The Fear Of Death Can Help People Live A Fulfilling Life

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Death is an eventuality that overcomes all living things and identifying the fact that death is not a tragedy is the first step to overcoming the fear of death. Death is a transition from one place to another, one form to another or from a physical to a non-physical world - depending on one's beliefs. Billions of people have died before us and billions more will die after us. The cycle of birth and death is inevitable and the sooner that we realize that, the happier we can be and live a happy life.

Yet if we want to lead a fruitful life, overcoming the fear of death is vital. You cannot be happy in life, if you keep wondering what will happen once you close your eyes for good. Therefore, if you are afraid of death, you must first try to understand why you fear it and once you understand the root cause of your fear, you will slowly be able to get rid of it. Under extreme cases, one may have to take professional help. If you are one of them, do not shy away from taking such help.

However, overcoming the fear of death is not very easy. Most of us have witnessed physical death some time or the other. All of us have had somebody we had loved such a grandparent, parent, siblings, spouse or even a kid dying. Indeed, it is very difficult to accept that the person, who was an important part of my life, is not there anymore. It is natural to wonder what has happened to him or her, where he or she has gone. This fear of unknown may instill fear of death in you.

There is nothing much to worry as long as it is only fear of death, not phobia. As I have already said, fearing death is natural. We have all watched our loved ones dying and wondered what has actually happened to them. Questions about after life naturally pops up in the mind. Sometimes such thoughts give rise to fear. If you have a religious bend of mind, you may try to get the answer in there. Indeed, different religions address the issue in their own way, but all of them can provide some sort of answer to the above-mentioned questions and provide some sort of solace.

Death is a continuous cycle that cannot be avoided by anyone. Of course it is sad when young people die before their time, but this again is a part of life - that everyone cannot live to a specific age and then die. It is important to seek help from a friend, family member or even a therapist if fear of death is very strong. Extreme cases of thanatophobia will require prolonged treatment and the earlier it is recognized, the better for a person to recover fully.

However, dying alone can be painful; that is why, try to be there with a dying person; somebody will be there with you when your time comes. However, if you are suffering from phobia, that may not be possible. You should know that there are two distinct categories of such phobias; necrophobia and thanatophobia. Both of them require professional handling and so if your fear makes life difficult for you, do see some psychoanalyst for proper diagnose and treatment. if you ignore them, they may make your life a living hell.

At this time, if there is no way of reversing your illness, then try not to worry and therefore worry family too. Instead, be thankful for each day, try, take up a new activity or sport, travel, and spend time with friends and family. It is important for everyone to die with dignity and part of this involves accepting death and overcoming your fear of it. Optimism has a way of prolonging life rather than pessimism. A pessimist will be permanently depressed and worried and this can lead to tension and stress which can create new illnesses or speed up an existing one.

If you have a terminal disease, do not be depressed thinking about your imminent death. There is no way you can turn the clock back. Yes, you should continue with the treatment until the end, but if death is really impending, accept it. There is no point in wasting whatever time you have left in brooding over what is inevitable and creating a foreboding picture of life that you hardly know anything about. Instead, try to imbibe a positive feeling in yourself and live each day as fully as possible. You are after all born to be victorious, not to die like a coward.
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