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The list below has some good movie reviews. To find movie downloads do a search. You should have good luck with a search like "Top DVD Movie Rentals"; if not then try "Movie Downloading" and "Buy Movie Download".

Buffalo Bill: Vibrant biography of legendary Westerner should have been much more superior, however still grants some fun and has excellent cast. Cast includes Joel McCrea, Maureen O'Hara, Linda Damell, Thomas Mitchell, Anthony Quinn, Edgar Buchanan, Chief Thundercloud, and Sidney Blackmer. (90 minutes, 1944)

Sawdust and Tinsel: Kindles soar in this gorgeous, metaphorical film set in a small-time carnival and concentrating on the relation between carnival owner Gronberg and his oversexed mistress (Andersson). Cast includes Harriet Andersson, Ake Gronberg, Anders Ek, Gudrun Brost, Hasse Ekman, and Annika Tretow. (92 minutes, 1953)

A Scandal in Paris: Fashionable 8th century tale based on the recollections of the infamous Frenchman Eugene Vidocq, whose life of crime comes to a crossroads while he confronts a youthful lady who cherishes him. The clever script was tailor-made for Sanders. Cast includes George Sanders, Carole Landis, Akim Tarniroff, Signe Hasso, Gene Lockhart, Alan Napier, and Alma Kruger. (106 minutes, 1946)

Down to You: Prinze and Stiles futilely try to buddy us up by talking straight away into the camcorder, clarifying how their once idyllic college romance went bust (albeit not as bust as the film). In someway, this film manages to find room for subplots in reference to a Television show and a friend who has a try as an adult-film entrepreneur with a sort of bohemian knowledgeable porn actress. Cast includes Freddie Prinze, Jr., Julia Stiles, Shawn Hatosy, Selma Blair, Zak Orth, Ashton Kutcher, Rosario Dawson, Henry Winkler, and Lucie Amaz. (91 minutes, 2000)

Play Time: Hulot (Tati) drifts through an unrecognizable modern Paris of steel and glass skyscrapers. Scene and noise gags abound in this superbly created film. These assorted effects are connected by Hulot's attempt to keep a meeting. Cast includes Jacques Tali, Barbara Dennek, Jacqueline Lecomte, Valerie Camille, and Leon Doyen. (126 minutes, 1967)

Singles: Life in the Seattle dating scene ain't simple. Energetic seriocomedy with some appealing performances (particularly by-Scott and Sedgwick), however by no means as enlightening as you wish it can be. Film has music, setting, and fashion galore, although additionally a rather choppy script. Cast includes Bridget Fonda, Matt Dillon, Campbell Scott, Kyra Sedgwick, Sheila Kelley, Jim Real, Bill Pullman, James Le Gros, Devon Raymond, Camllo Gallardo, Friend Stroller, Jeremy Piven, Paul Giamatti, and Tim Burton. (99 minutes, 1992)

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: A typical venture spectacle has Ford in fine form and Connery amalgamating panache as Indy's archaeologist dad, whose bizarre disappearance (when looking for the Holy Grail) sets the tale in motion. This intentionally old fashioned Saturday matinee has everything money might purchase, however on no account seriously creates a sense of marvel and enthusiasm. A certain advancement over the second Indiana Jones episode it still bears the mark of one too numerous trips to the well. Cast includes Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, Denholm Elliott, Alison Doody, John Rhys-Davies, Julian Glover, River Phoenix, Michael Byrne, and Alex Hyde-White. (127 minutes, 1989)

Trade: A thirteen-year-old gal is kidnapped by members of a sex-trafficking ring. As her older sibling follows her track, he hooks up with a Texas cop (Kline) who has his own rationales for chasing this outfit of bad guys. Downbeat drama reveals a stunning, debasing circumstance, although it's maddeningly choppy, one second daring and commanding (particularly with Finnish actress Bachleda) and the next remarkably corny. Cast includes Kevin Kline, Alicia Bachleda, Paulina Gaitan, Kathleen Gati, Pasha D. Lychnikoff, Anthony Crivello, Linda Emond, Zack Ward, Cesar Ramos, Marco Perez, and Tim Reid. (120 minutes, 2007)

Sidewalk Stories: Alluring, Chaplinesque fantasy that, in its own humble way, boldly remarks on the plight of the destitute in America. Aisle stars as a destitute gentleman battling for existence on the roads of Greenwich Village who finds himself caring for a small child whose father has been stabbed by robbers. Cast includes Charles Aisle, Nicole Alysia, Sandye Wilson, Darnell Williams, and Trula Hoosier. (97 minutes, 1989)

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